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You asked.  We answered.

What size floors do you make?

Floor length range is 3-15 metres and can be adjusted in increments of 1mm.  The width range is 3-4.8 metres and adjustable in 50mm increments.

Regarding your floors, what do you charge per square meter?

As a manufacturer, we don't charge per square meter.  Rather we charge for the finished products.  Although we do have set prices for many products, floors are quoted based on the plans you provide.  That way you'll get exactly what's needed.  Please see our Floor Options for more information.

How do I get more information or place my order?

The best way to move forward is to either give us a call or send an email.  A call allows you to ask questions and nut-out your requirements, whilst an email allows you to send through plans so that when we speak, we'll know exactly what your project requires.  

What are modular or transportable buildings?

Modular, pre-fabricated and transportable buildings are a great alternative to site built structures and are constantly growing in popularity. They are constructed in factories or building yards then transported, often hundreds or thousands of kilometres, to their required destinations.  In Western Australia they are typically steel framed and either concrete or steel based.  They’re especially useful for locations where on-site construction is not feasible.

Why should I build modular?

By their very nature, steel framed buildings are quicker to construct than other building methods (such as brick).  A quality transportable home usually takes between 6-12 weeks to complete.  Added to this, the ability to build all projects in one facility affords huge additional benefits.  You save time and money, retain better control of your projects, deliver consistent quality and expand your market to include buildings for areas where site built is simply not feasible.  You can also provide increased flexibility, cost savings and minimal disruption to your clients.  Some of the factors that make this possible are;


  • Streamlined scheduling and supervision of your trades, along with the elimination of travel to and from different sites, saving money and time whilst improving quality management.

  • Building supplies, whether manufactured or procured, can be better managed at a single construction facility.  Quality control increases, wastage decreases, resulting in both money and time savings.

  • Weather conditions need not interrupt your construction timeline.

  • Off-site construction means reduced disruption to Clients and their site.  It reduces the environmental impact and allows for simultaneous building construction and site works, thus saving time overall. 

  • Modular allows for future project expansion or relocation of individual buildings/modules to other sites.


I'm constructing modular buildings - why should I use a concrete base?

The use of a concrete base for any modular building enhances both the construction process and the living or working experience of the end user.  They are simply superior to any other material on the market.  Some of the benefits are;

  • Finished buildings are quiet and comfortable underfoot and feel like living or working on a permanent, site built structure.

  • They can be manufactured and delivered quicker than a steel base can be constructed.

  • They’re often cheaper than steel bases.

  • With Gray’s Concrete floors, the concrete colour and/or finish can be customised to allow;

    • the use of any type of internal floor coverings,

    • later honing or polishing,

    • verandas or other exterior areas to be left raw (with a broomed finish).

  • With Gray’s Concrete floors, they can be further customised to enhance the construction phase.  Examples include the inclusion of;

    • channelling to aid quick, easy & secure wall framing,

    • cut outs and/or falls for bathroom and laundry recesses,

    • in floor heating elements, ready for finishing and

    • cast-in plates for the securing of engineering supports.

  • The thermal properties of concrete improve end user comfort as they make the finished buildings warmer in winter and cooler in summer than those built on other bases.

  • They’re suitable, preferred and normally specified for use in cyclone prone areas.

  • Reduced cost of site works -  no stumping, digging or pouring foundations.

  • Concrete floors are not adversely affected by extreme temperatures.

  • Concrete is not susceptible to pests and is also rust, mould & fire resistant.

  • Concrete floors don’t deteriorate but instead, strengthen with age, allowing them to be relocated at any time.

  • Unlike steel based buildings, those with a concrete base can be placed at ground level and the area around them backfilled so the building can appear site built.


Aren't concrete based buildings too heavy to move?

No!  Concrete based buildings are heavy because they’re so strong and robust BUT they can be easily transported and relocated.  Western Australia has a number of experienced transportation companies who specialise in modular buildings.  They are well capable of moving concrete based buildings. 


We can also make the floors craneable – thus allowing the finished buildings to be moved into any location.  One of the benefits of modular buildings is that they can be located where site-built buildings can’t possibly be constructed.  Concrete based modular are no exception.  They can be craned, rolled or truck moved into any location.


Why should I choose Gray's Concrete products?

Quite simply - Gray’s Concrete produce the best concrete floors and associated products, on time, on budget and to our Client’s specifications. Gray’s Concrete is synonymous with quality, reliability and integrity and in an economic environment where businesses come and go, our 40+ years of success within the industry is testament to the way we operate.


We custom make and provide the widest range of products, with many variations/additions designed to cut your project costs and time.  We are also willing to work with you to ensure development of new products is in line with your needs. 

How long will it take to manufacture my concrete floor?

Once we’ve received your purchase order and complete slab plans, we can usually pour the concrete the next day. The finished floor will be ready for delivery or pickup 1-2 days after pouring.

I'm constructing a large project, can you keep up supply?

For a large project, it’s understandable to think that like other building inputs/materials, you’re going to order and need all the floors at once.  In reality, no building yard in Western Australia has enough space (or staff) to build a whole, large project simultaneously.  As such, even during boom times, Gray’s Concrete can keep up with your requirements.  Our custom-built facilities allow us to produce at least 40 floors per week  and we can comfortably keep up with demand from all our clients.

Do you provide a warranty for your products?

We will always endeavour to provide the best quality products in a timely manner.  With proper handling and transportation, by their very nature, our concrete products should not weaken or deteriorate with age but in reality, strengthen.  Should you have any concerns about any supplied product, please let us know and we’ll always work with you to rectify any issue.



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