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Our Clients

Throughout the past 40 years we've been fortunate to work with many clients who share our values and have collaborated with us to achieve exceptional outcomes. We cherish the lasting relationships we have formed with them because we know they are based on trust and mutual respect.  Some of our esteemed clients can be seen above and we look forward to continuing our work with them and to meeting new clients and creating new relationships too.

The modular building industry has seen big changes in recent years.  It has had huge expansion and also exciting changes in the type of buildings being produced.  Read on to find out where some of our concrete floors and other products are being used to improve projects......

Lifestyle Villages

The demand for lifestyle villages is soaring and developers can take advantage of land zoned for caravan parks, provided the finished homes are movable.  By using Gray’s Concrete products, this can be achieved.  

Our floors, footing rings and wheel systems can be combined to assist compliance with the Caravan Park & Camping Grounds Regulations 1997.  The end result - the developer gets the highest yield possible from their land; the builder has the reduced costs, reduced build time and convenience of building modular, plus the end-user gets a premium home that feels and looks like it wad site built.  Everyone wins!

Modular Homes & Granny Flats

Transportable homes is where this industry all began.  Modular builders have been providing homes to every corner of Western Australia for well over 50 years and they just keep improving and we do too!  We’ve listened to our clients and improved our options to meet your needs. 

Gray’s Concrete can now provide concrete floors, footing rings, air-conditioner mounting blocks and other products to improve your project.  Added to this, we can incorporate many time and money saving features into each concrete floor (such as wall channelling, plumbing recesses, bathroom & laundry falls/cut-outs or floor heating), which can save you further time and money.

Mine Site Camps

Due to the isolation of most mine sites in Western Australia, the camps are usually constructed off-site, then transported into location. 


Gray’s Concrete products form the foundation of the majority of sleeping quarters, kitchens, dining facilities, ablution blocks, gymnasiums, rec rooms, administration & site offices throughout WA and we now offer more products to suit your projects and the harsh Australian environment. 


Our concrete floors, footing rings, tie down blocks,  portabases  and other products are all manufactured to handle cyclonic conditions and more.  No matter how big the project, we work with you to ensure our products suit your site and construction requirements.

Government Infrastructure

Due to the vast size of Western Australia, many government buildings are pre-fabricated in Metropolitan areas, then moved to location once complete. 


Gray’s Concrete floors form the base of many rural police stations, health care facilities, school classrooms, day-care centres, administration buildings and government sponsored affordable houses from as far south as Albany to as far North as Kalumburu and everywhere in between! 


Concrete is a fantastic material, able to withstand the harsh Australian weather and other environmental conditions and we offer many engineered concrete products able to enhance your project. 

Whatever your industry, if you've made it this far through our site, we can probably help you!  So contact us for more information.

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