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We're proud to provide the best quality and largest range of products in the shortest time frame possible.  Having grown with the modular industry since its inception, we have developed and invested in advanced infrastructure that allows us to manufacture a huge variety of products to your unique specifications.  All products are custom made, so we’re happy to work with you to customise our existing range or create new products to meet your needs.


All products are structurally engineered and manufactured using only quality materials which comply to Australian Standards.  

With the largest manufacturing facilities of its kind anywhere in Australia and a reputation for quality, reliability and integrity, we can ensure you get the best products, on time and on budget.


Concrete Transportable Floors

Over 80% of all concrete based transportable/modular buildings in Western Australia and the Northern Territory rest on Gray’s Concrete floors.   Projects may range from a single, small floor for a store room to hundreds of various sized floors for an entire mining camp.  Whatever the project, we can ensure you get the best quality & largest range of products, on time and on budget.


Concrete Rings/Footings

Manufactured and supplied directly from our Kenwick facility, they can be used as a temporary or permanent base for any modular building, including flat packed products. 


Standard Sizes:

600mm x 150mm
400mm x 150mm

300mm x 95mm

300mm x 50mm 



Particularly useful for mining or government infrastructure projects, we manufacture concrete mounting blocks for solar light towers and road signage which are fully relocatable and tough enough to withstand any Australian conditions.   They do not require any site-works for installation and are specifically engineered and manufactured for safe movement around site with the use of a forklift or crane. 

Standard sizes:

1200 x 1200 x 675mm

900 x 900 x 925mm

Concrete Pod Bases

A pod is a fully complete unit or module, pre-fabricated then later placed into position.  In Western Australia they’re commonly used for bathrooms in apartments and other high-rise buildings.   A relatively new creation, this market is currently exploding.   To improve the overall comfort, feel and strength of the finished units, construction companies are demanding concrete bases for their pods.  Gray’s Concrete is happy to work with you to meet this demand, so get in touch for more information.


Wheel Systems

In Western Australia, Developers or Builders involved with the construction of Life Style or Retirement Villages are often affected by Section 15.1 of the Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds Regulations 1997.  In short, this requires any 'park home' to have wheels attached and be kept in such a condition that it can be moved under its own power or by being towed, within 24 hours ….. 

So, how do you move a 10+ tonne building within 24 hours? Easy!  We listened to our clients and have designed an attachable wheel system, strong enough and easy enough to ensure compliance.  For further information on how it works and what's required, please get in touch.



Other Products

We’re always happy (and excited) to help our clients meet their project requirements.   If it’s made of concrete or associated with the modular or mining industries, particularly in remote Western Australia, we’re happy to work with you to ensure your outcomes are met.  Our 40+ year association with the industries has seen many requests for products, especially where cyclonic conditions and the like need to be taken into consideration.  From this, we now offer a range of associated products that may not be easily sourced elsewhere.  If you have trouble finding specific concrete items, let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you to try to meet your needs.  For examples, please read on....

Concrete Pod Bases
Wheel Systems
Other Products
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