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At Gray's Concrete, our aim is not only to continue manufacturing and supplying exceptional products, but also to ensure you achieve your project goals in the easiest manner possible.  Therefore, we'll do whatever we can to help you along the way, starting with our services listed below.  Just remember, if you have any special requirements, we'll be happy to hear from you. 

Planning & Consultation

With our vast working knowledge of the transportable/modular industry, Gray’s Concrete is well placed to assist with your modular construction needs.  We aren’t engineers or registered builders but we know our products, our market and hopefully our clients! 

With regards to our concrete floors, we can help choose the best configuration where multiple floors are required and help you decide which inclusions will work best for your projects.   For our other products, we can advise on size and quantity requirements and are happy to help in any way we can.  When you contact Gray’s Concrete, you speak directly to the people who make the products.  They know what can and can’t be done with our current range and are flexible enough to work with you to investigate any new ideas.


We offer delivery of our products from Mandurah to Northam.  Delivery of our concrete floors includes set up in your yard by our experienced staff, so they’re level and ready to build on.  Concrete rings and other products are transported on pallets for easy unloading and movement with a forklift. 


If your premise is located outside our delivery area, pickup from our Kenwick plant is available from 5 am to 1 pm weekdays.  If using a freight company to pick up on your behalf, just let us know the day and approximate pickup time and we’ll ensure your order is ready to go.  Our plant address is 10 - 18 Cooper Avenue, Kenwick and if required, more information about concrete ring weights and cartage is available here


* Please note – transportation of modular buildings is a specialised business.  Once our concrete floors have been built upon and the modular building is ready to be relocated to site, you’ll need to arrange a 3rd party transport company to do so.  Please ensure they’re qualified and experienced in such movements as incorrect jacking points or lifting techniques can damage the concrete floor and/or building.  Should this occur, any resulting damage will be the responsibility of the transportation company. 

Concrete Testing

If your project requires concrete testing, we can arrange this for you.  We advise the testing company of our pour time, meet them onsite, compile 7 and 28-day testing results and forward to you as soon as they’re available. 

Other Compliance Assistance

Many of your clients, especially those involved in the mining industry, require Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) for all goods manufactured for construction projects.  Should your project require such documentation, we’ll be happy to assist. 

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