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If there's something made of concrete that you've had trouble sourcing elsewhere, talk to us!  We're ready to work with you to meet your project needs. 

We can custom make moulds for specific projects, or you can even supply your own moulds and we'll do us best to work with you to achieve your required outcomes, at the lowest price and within the shortest time frame possible.

Below are just a few examples of items we've already made at the request of our clients. Get in contact today so we can help you too! 

Concrete Steps

  • Custom made to suit your needs, our steps are generally used for entryways into modular buildings.  They can be purely functional (standard grey) or jazzed up to suit your project.  Colour, choice of aggregate (if any) and the concrete finish (honed, polished, broomed, trowelled, floated) are all fully customisable.

  • Currently available in two sizes – 1200 x 285 x 55 mm and 905 x 285 x 60 mm.  If you require different dimensions and are likely to have repeat orders, we’re happy to manufacture new moulds to meet your needs.


Traffic Barriers

  • Currently available in 4 meter lengths, but can be custom made to suit your requirements.  

  • Engineered to meet specifications.

  • Swiftlift inclusions for easy movement.

  • Water release feature standard.

  • Choice of galvanised or non-galvanised connection plates.

Tie Down Blocks

  • Particularly useful for cyclonic and other wild Australian conditions, our tie down blocks are structurally engineered and available in a wide range of sizes.

  • They can be manufactured with swing lifters or forklift pockets for ease of movement. 

Air Conditioner Mounting Blocks

  • Wide range of sizes to accommodate any application.

  • Portable & easy to use.

  • Custom made so you can choose the finish, colour, etc.

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