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Where to start...

We stock a large supply of concrete footings, so if that's all you require, you can place your order here and we'll get in contact soon to arrange payment and pickup.  


For all other products, we custom make them for you.  As such, the best starting point is to phone and speak to our friendly and informative staff.  They have vast industry, company and product knowledge and will be able to assist with your construction requirements.  


If you already know what you require (& it's a bit more complicated), you can email your purchase order and any associated plans through and we’ll contact you shortly to make final arrangements.


Further info for working with us...

Payment Terms

Our standard payment terms are pre-paid unless you have a credit account with us.


Once your order has been received, an invoice will be emailed which includes our banking details.  Once payment is made, simply send us an email with your bank's proof or payment and we will quickly get your order under way.  

If you believe you will be trading with us regularly and would like to apply for a credit account, please complete and return the Application for 30 Day Account below.  This will be processed within 14 days and you will be notified of the outcome.  In the mean-time, our normal trading terms apply. 

By placing an order with us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to our Terms and Conditions of Sale.  

Safety & Compliance

We value the safety of our staff and yours.  Although we employ a relatively small workforce, our long history in the industry together with our desire to always act lawfully and with integrity has driven us to ensure our business operations always comply with and exceed both safety and other compliance standards.   Part of this is ensuring we have the correct insurances in place.  To cover off on your compliance requirements, we happily supply the following Insurance Certificates you may require;

The safety of our staff and others, plus the quality of our products are integral to our business success.  As such, we’ve invested heavily in the development of safety and manufacturing procedures to ensure everyone remains safe and we continue to provide the best available products and services to our clients. 


Our staff are inducted, trained and re-trained on an ongoing basis in relation to their employment duties.  If these duties require them to work at your site, we will be happy to meet site requirements as set out and communicated to us.  We can also provide the following upon request;


  • Proof of Staff Certification – White Cards, Heavy Vehicle Drivers & Pilot Licenses, Licenses to Perform High Risk Work (forklift) and others.

  • Gray’s Concrete Procedures – existing procedures relating to delivery, unloading and set up on site plus customised, site specific procedures as required.

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